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Tips:Price! Please click "Directions for use" on the right. Click on an icon to search. --||---Process: Click an icon---click "Search"---click "BUY"---pay" ---||--- If you don't understand anything, you can contact onl

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Directions for use

For the first time, you need to wait for the data to load.

Purchase steps:

Click on a picture ➞ click “Search” ➞ select the required account ➞ click “BUY” ➞ fill in the email address ➞ payment ➞ contact the online staff(Waiting for mail).

Function Description:

QQ图片20200910193337.pngSearch for the account and click "Collect". You can view the favorite accounts here.

QQ图片20200910193937.png:Ranking, the most bought favorite accounts.

QQ图片20200910194524.png:A good price account recommended by the store manager.

QQ图片20200910194636.pngThe "+" sign here adds the number, you can search for the same role.


:Here you can filter one of the data, price filter.